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In every town can be found a variety of shops, selling and buying
everything from armor to magical regeants. While in a shop, typing
list will display a table of what is for sale, and their prices as
well as minimum level and condition. Most of the time, you can
items from the store by typing
buy , assuming you have enough
money to pay for it. If you want to sell an item, the value command
has the shopkeeper appraise the object, and then tell you how much he
will pay for it, and the cost to
repair it if it is damaged. Then,
you can sell the item from your inventory by typing
sell .

Sometimes, shopkeepers have the ability to make rare, special, often
magical items, given the correct ingredients. By typing
custom, you
can see if a shopkeeper produces any special item. Once you have
collected all the necessary ingredients and can pay forthe item, then you
can purchase it by typing
custom .

Also, shopkeepers may provide services to players. These services might be
creating something for the player (almost like a custom) or casting a spell or
creating an affect. To see what services are offered, and at what price, type

Although the primary function of the shopkeepers is to maintain their
business, often they act as trainers as well. They can teach you skills
and spells, which you spend by using
practice points.

To buy or sell multiple objects at one time, it is posssible to use an
extended description for objects, which are detailed under