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Known amongst the gnomes as the Mother of Invention, Ryatana blesses her
followers with curiosity, opportunity, and inspiration. It is no wonder that
the gnomish folk are the grand tinkerers of the realm, having a great
propensity for creation and improvement.

Many say her followers are known to have good senses of humor, enjoying
practical jokes as much as inventing mechanized items useful in defense and
exploration. Several have applied themselves heartily to the study of magic,
making their inventions all the more influential. She is especially pleased
with gnomefolk who either devote themselves to the art of jewelry-making or
dedicate beautifully written songs and spells to improving their kinfolk.

Ryatana is depicted as an old gnomish woman with a prodigious nose and
ringlets of pure gold and lustrous silver. Eyes of auroral amethyst shift to
brilliant turquoise when she is in the presence of gemstones. She dresses in
a white peasant blouse and a red skirt which graces the tops of her fur-lined
boots. She is most often reported to have been seen in charming garden
settings, delighting children with gnomish tales, jokes, and songs.

Ryatana accepts any clever, resourceful devotee who would choose to make the
world a better place through creative means. She favors gnomes, singers, and
spell casters most often, but rejects all vyans due to their destructive
inflictions upon her people.

Allowed worshipper alignment: Any non-evil (LG, NG, CG, LN, PN, CN)