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Religions are a major sociopolitical force in this world. There are three
distinct factions among the powers that govern the world. The Gods of Light
are united in their striving to further the cause of all that is good and
righteous, led by Lonil, the Radiant One. The Dark Gods, though largely
independent entities, reluctantly follow evil Temohpab's commands in trying
to blanket the world with his darkness. The Gods of Neutrality are comprised
of both those who seek to balance the forces of good and evil as well as those
beings who choose simply to remain outside of the conflict, taking advantage
of the struggle to further their own interests.

Gods of Light

Lonil, The Radiant One. God of Good and Light, Lord of the Gods of Light.
Taranth, Lady of Peace. Goddess of Peace and Healing.
Tarafas, The Dawnstar. Goddess of Nature Magic.
Freylia, The Battle Maiden. Goddess of Courage, Festivals and Harvests.
Cynnis, The Huntress. Guardian of the Wildlands.
Algesa, Lady Justice. Goddess of Law.
Duroth, Dwarflord. God of the Forge and Metalcraft.
Ryatana, The Inspired. Goddess of Gnomes, Creativity, and Invention.

Gods of Neutrality

Meriada, Keeper of Knowledge. Goddess of the Arcane.
Slen, Lady Luck. Goddess of Fortune.
Morr, The Dark Angel. Lord of Death and the Dying.
Sst'rasa, The Scaled One. Goddess of the Lizardmen.
Anor, The Child-Goddess. Goddess of Love, Beauty and Music.
Kerog, The Red Wind. God of Battle, Tactics and War.
Kryoth, The Eternal Flame. Goddess of Fire, Summer and Deserts.
Essyn, The Wind Maiden. Goddess of Air, Spring and Plains.
Kantos, The Earthlord. God of Earth, Autumn and Mountains.
Osse, The Sea King. God of the Water, Winter and the Deep.
Rhiqua, Mistress of Wyrms. Protectress of Dragonkynd.

Gods of Darkness

Temohpab, The Black Unicorn. God of Evil and Darkness, Lord of the Dark.
Iniara, The Dark Mistress. Goddess of Hate, Pain, Lust and Black Magic.
Morkith, The Undying. God of Demons and Unlife.
Xiroce, Plaguebearer. God of Disease and Famine.
Ulthi, The Destroyer. God of Chaos and Destruction.
Ashallan, The Masked One. Goddess of Stealth, Secrecy and Deceit.
Lodar, The Obsidian Star. God of Mischief and Cruelty.