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This can occur for two basic reasons. Either an active owner wishes to off
load their home through a private sale, or a home has been placed up as a
forced auction as it has been left vacant for too long. Each situation has
different considerations and procedures; however in each situation the
transfer of the property from the original owner to the new owner is permanent.

Private Sale:

This occurs when an active owner wishes to sell their home. It is up to the
owner if the contents of the home are included in this sale, but once the sale
is complete, the original owner will no longer have access to the home.

* The arrangement of the sale and payment is up to the parties involved in
the sale of the house.

* Once the sale has progressed to a point where both parties are happy and
the transfer of the house is to occur the original owner of the property must
send a mud mail to the Immortal responsible for player houses informing the
Immortal of the sale and the identity of the new owner. The new owner must
also send a mud mail advising that they are now the new owner of the house.

* At this point the new owner is considered responsible for the costs to
change the keys and/or security. There is always a cost, even if it is just
to transfer keys.

* Any disputes that arise between the parties involved over the sale of a
house are not the concerns of the Immortal responsible for player houses. If
the Immortal finds themselves unwantedly drawn into any such dispute there is
a significant risk that the house will be demolished and both parties will
lose ownership of the property and any contents.

* The person who has sold the home will then have a minimum wait period of
three months before they are able to build/buy another house.

Forced Auction:

This usually occurs when a player has not used their house in a significant
period of time. The exact time involved depends on the type of location that
the house has been built in.

There are other times that this can also occur, and this could happen if a
player has abused their home, been caught multi-playing, or has been blatantly
abusing bugs to their advantage.

* Once a home has been declared to be under a forced auction the original
owner will no longer be able to access the property and will not be able to
retrieve any items stored in the property.

* The house and all its contents are considered to be up for sale.

* If the original owner does log in during the auction period they are more
than welcome to bid for the house. They will not be able to resume ownership,
no matter how much they cry and what bribes they offer.

* If your house is under a forced auction because you have violated the mud
rules you are not able to participate in the auction.

* A notice will be posted on the Announcement board declaring the property
up for auction. This note will declare that a house is for sale, its general
location, the start time of the auction, the Immortal overlooking the auction,
the Immortal monitoring the auction, and it will also give a closing date for
the auction.

* The closing date will be two weeks after the announcement is posted. The
time will be recorded as the system time.

* No other details will be provided about the home, and that includes: the
name of the owner, the exact location, the size of the home, or the contents
of the home.

* There will be no inspections of the home prior to, or during the auction.

* The reserve price is the original building cost of the home and it will
not be made known until after the auction has concluded.

* During the two week period bids are placed via mud mail to the Immortals
overlooking and monitoring the auction. On receipt of the first bid from a
bidder, the Immortal overlooking the auction will assign the bidder a number
which will be provided to them via mud mail.

* The Immortal overlooking the auction will update daily the highest bid and
the bidders number.

* The highest bidder at the close of the auction will be the new owner,
unless the highest bid for the home is less than three quarters of the reserve
price. If this minimum price has not been attained then the home will be
placed back up for auction after a short recess period.

* If a house has been offered for sale three times and has failed to meet
the minimum price, then on the fourth sale the house will go to the highest
bidder, regardless if the minimum price is attained.

* Payment is expected at the closure of the auction. If you are unable to
pay then the person with the next highest bid, subject to the minimum price
being met, will get the house.

For Further Information:

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