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Rangers are outdoorsmen and wandering types who operate beyond the
boundaries of society. They feel at home with nature, and do not remain
for long in civilized parts, preferring instead to spend their days
surrounded by nature.

Due to this self-reliant streak, Rangers have a wide variety of skills
available to them, including a number of useful spells and several unique
abilities which relate to their experience with and knowledge of the
natural world. Among these are the skills
Track and an improved
version of
Scan, which makes a ranger an invaluable scout and ally of
any group, and the spell
Tame, through which a ranger may befriend an
animal encountered in the wild. Unlike other classes, rangers are not limited
to a single mount due to their close relationship with the animal kingdom.

Rangers make strong fighters, and while they do not have as wide a
selection of armor and weapons as fighters and paladins, they can deal
damage extremely well and stand in the front rank as a substitute when

For a listing of spells and spells available to Rangers, please see
help Abilities. Other help files that may be useful include