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Player Names
Players should choose a name that fits their character and the medieval time
period. Immortals are encouraged to be lenient in enforcing this, but
characters with blatantly unacceptable names will be asked to change them.
Examples of unacceptable names are Television, GoBlue and IamGreat.

Immortal Help
Immortals may choose to help some new players for the first few levels,
however do not expect handouts.

Abusing Bugs
If you find a bug please report it. Abusing a bugs can ruin the game for
everyone and therefore players will be punished for such abuse. If it is too
good to be true, it probably is, and you'd better report it.

Reimbursements may be given in some cases for losses due to major
bugs. The normal reimbursement is the equipment you had as of the last backup
of the player files. Deaths or losses due to lag are not eligible for
reimbursements. Items lost in a crash are not eligible for reimbursement
unless they were lost on a corpse.

Multi Playing
Multi Playing is not allowed. It works against the social structure of the
mud. Similarly, players should not trade equipment between their own
characters, or assist others in doing so. Each person playing may have only
one character on at a time, and playing multiple characters "for a friend" is
not allowed. Multiplayers may reasonably expect themselves to be purged.

5-Minute Rule
A corollary to the rule against multiplaying. This rule applies to those
players with more than one character. To switch playing one character for
another, you must wait AT LEAST five minutes before connecting as the new or
'second' character.

We ask that players keep public channels at a "PG-13" Rating. While you may
not find the language offensive, others who play might. If you feel compelled
to use more adult language, please use

"Bots" (Advanced Triggers)
An integral aspect of mudding is its social dimension. Bots, or automated
scripts, undermine this through the removal of the human element from the
game. Please see help BOTS for detail on our current policy.

Item/Mob Stats
TFE has had a long-standing policy asking that players do not give out stats
for items, mobs, quests, etc over public channels. In a group or between
friends such information is often shared but please refrain from discussing
the details on public channels. Public channels would be chat, gossip, atalk,
newbie or any similar channel.

Voiding / Quitting to Expedite Repop
Quitting or "Voiding" to expedite your repop in zones is illegal. Don't do it.