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list : List all lots for sale in the shop
list : List all lots that contain the item(s) specified in
sell : Create a new lot for sale at the price specified
sell -a # : Add items to the lot specified
sell -r # : Remove items from the lot specified
sell -p # : Change the price on the lot specified
buy # : Purchase the lot specified
buy -r # : Remove the lot specified


Player shops enable players to sell lots of items at a pre-determined price.
The items will remain at the shop, available for purchase, for 21 real-time
days. If the lot has not been purchased after 21 days, it will expire and the
items returned to the seller's bank account.

At this time, players are limited to four (4) lots per player shop. Many, but
not all, items that cannot be sold on the auction cannot be sold in player
shops. The shop daemons reserve the right to collect a fee from each sale, or
from a lot that has expired.


Player shops are currently located in Medienne and Narak.

See Also: Auction, Shops