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Dreaming of that long hall where you can display your loot and knock back a
few refreshing brews after a long days murdering and plundering? Got money to
burn? Then why not buy your very own house?

A house can mean many things to many people, and is really only limited to
your imagination, with only a few pesky considerations to take into account.


a) You must be able to afford the house at the time that you lodge the
request for a house. There is no such thing as lay-by, finance, or bank

b) You must not have owned a house within the last three months.
c) You must not already own a house. There is a strict one house per
player limit.

d) You must be at least level 20.


a) If you break the mud rules you do risk losing your house and all contents.
b) Your alts are not allowed to access your house, if this occurs you risk
losing your house and all contents.


There are two types of locations where you can have your house. These are
standard and remote. In both situations it should be noted that availability
is subject to space and there are pluses and minuses to building in either
type of location.

Despite which location you choose to build your house, there will always be
the following common considerations:

* The more elaborate the house, the more it will cost.

*You will be required to find some of the required building materials. The
materials required will depend on the structure that is going to be built.
For example, if you want a tent woven from the hairs of the ettin's back, you
may find yourself having to go armed with a pair of tweezers to your next
meeting with him.

*A home is considered to be a permanent fixture, and therefore once a
building location has been agreed to no changes are able to be made.

* This includes homes that would otherwise be considered mobile, for
example, a gypsy wagon or a house boat. No matter how logical it is to allow
such a home to move around, it is not going to happen. Bribes and whinging
will not help.

* The home must be in keeping with the general fantasy theme of the mud
and/or the area the house is being built in. For example, you will not be
allowed to build a futuristic moon base in any location nor will you be able
to build a multi-turreted basalt castle in Vaasa City.

Standard Locations:

These are houses built in cities and towns. This includes, but is not limited
to: Chiiron, Medienne, Denab Knur, Kha-da, Voaleth, Brithbarad, Narak, Pennan,
Vaasa City, Darkhaven and Soskul.

* Building in these areas is much easier, so costs are not affected when
choosing to build in these locations.

* You will be expected to keep within the general character of the city or
town that you are building in. For example, a marble town house in Voaleth
would work, however a mud hut would not.
* Care should be taken in choosing your desired building location, and
consideration needs to be made about long-term prospects. For example, a dark
and mysterious mansion in Darkhaven wont do you much good when you have
remorted as an elven paladin.

* There are limited spaces in each of these locations, so it is a case of
first in, first served.
* Given the limited space, there will be a strict policy that a house that
is not used by its owner for a year will be made available for re-sale.

Remote Locations:

These are houses built in locations outside of the cities and towns, but not
within major areas. This includes, but is not limited to: Black Hills,
Mountain Road, Great North Road, Medienne Forest, Vaasa Forest, Soskul swamp,
the Desert, and the outlying areas of Chiiron, Voaleth and Narak.

* While care is always taken to ensure that the cheapest of labour is used,
there are always extra expenses when building in these areas, whether it is
transport fees, extra labour costs, increased medical and funeral expenses, or
extra workplace health and safety requirements.

* While there will be more options, depending on popularity, some areas may
be harder to find a suitable location than others. Overcrowding will not be
allowed in remote locations.

* As there are more options available, there will be no strict policy around
the re-sale of remote properties. However, be advised that if it is clearly
obvious that the owner is never returning, then it could be placed up for re-
sale. This basically means, if you have been gone for two or so years, dont

* You are almost unlimited in what you can build for your house in the
remote locations. Obviously the more exotic the house is in comparison to its
location, the more it will cost to build. For example, a tree house in a
forest will not cost as much as a palatial castle with golden roof tiles.

* Care should be taken in selecting the right remote location for your
house, and remember to take into account long-term considerations. For
example, building in the Desert is fine now you are level 50 and buff, but
should you remort weak and helpless are you going to be able to get past that
landslide, let alone survive the nasty beasties that live in the area.


Read help files: Player house costs, Re-sale of Houses, How to Apply for a
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