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As part of the application process for a house it is expected that the player
will write all required room descriptions for their house and yard. This is
not meant to be a painful process and you are also not expected to write to
the standards of writers such as Tolkien, etc. The following standards will
apply though:

* Minimum of three complete sentences per room. Correct spelling, grammar
and punctuation are to be used.

* No forced actions or perceptions, and no assumptions regarding weather
conditions, lighting, seasons etc.

* No rude, crude or pornographic descriptions will be allowed.

Tips for writing your rooms:

Three sentences may seem like a lot to write, but if you are stuck for ideas
on what to write the following tips are sure to help out:

a) Describe the exits and windows. There are all sorts of exits and door
types that you can choose from, as well as window types, curtains, etc. You
can also make reference to what is able to be seen through the windows.

b) Describe the walls: is there something on them, what colour are they,
building materials used, finishes etc.

c) Describe the ceiling and/or light fittings.

d) Describe any quirks of the room, eg. Are there any drafts, is the room
damp, is there a strange creaking sound etc.

e) Describe any non-special items of furniture that is in the room.

f) Remember touches such as plants, ornaments, etc.

Keep in mind that some of the suggestions listed above could also be used as
an atmospheric element in your house. For example, instead of describing the
drafts in the room description, you could to have it added as an action in the
room instead.


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