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600k: Basic House, starter 1 room, locked entry door, and 3 keys (only at

300k: Room a single room inside the house.

400k: Yard room a single room outside of the house. See help Yards for more

100k: Lead in rooms one or two rooms leading up to the household entrance two
rooms maximum.

350k: Secret Room Room's entrance is hidden, and has a lever or other action.

100k: Secret Entrance Make an entrance to a room a simple acode.

50k: Modify immediate room
this is a mandatory cost and covers any changes
that are required to be made to the exterior of your house

150k: Modify surrounding rooms if your building will have a noticeable impact
upon the surroundings then this arbitrary fee will be incurred.


1M: Storage room turn 1 existing room into a storage room (only one allowed).
Storage rooms dont reset as such. Only chests and similar storage items are
allowed in this room. Please see help file House Brownies, for some very
important information on storage rooms. If you dont read this file, that is
your choice, but dont come whinging.

20k: Simple effect eg. A gurgling fountain, or scent/sounds in the room.
Usually random.

50-150k: Advanced effect not just random or simply triggered effects.

100k: Locked Door turn an existing door into a locked door, includes one key,
extra keys are 20k each.

30-100k: Hidden entry door upgrade the entry to your house so that it is


Unless otherwise stated, default item descriptions apply:

30k: Soup Kettle - Big kettle full of soup you can eat.

50k: Fountain - Big fountain full of water - no starwater or youth fountains.

75k: Unique fountain source of water of special design, eg trickling
waterfall, again no starwater or youth fountains.

100k: Alcoholic Fountain - fountain full of normal wine, beer, etc.

250k: Alcoholic Fountain fountain full of a brew of your own design.

10k: Standard furniture - A Chair, desk, table, sofa, etc. Standard
descriptions apply.

50k+: Special furniture - Specially designed furniture. Dragonskin couch, etc.

50k: Chest - A chest to store things in. Includes a labelled name. only four

150k: Weapon Rack - A rack to store things on. Includes a labeled name. Only
one allowed.

150k: Armour Rack - A rack to store things on. Includes a labeled name. Only
one allowed.

25k: Renaming Chests/wardrobes/weapon racks - changing the label currently on
a chest, etc.

25k: Removing Chests - Removing an empty chest (or other storage unit).

Training Gear:

No mobs will be reset in a house to practice fighting on. Training gear can
be placed in a house or yard.

50k: Indoor Pool - fill an existing room with water to practice swimming
(pools do not have drinkable water, that's what fountains are for).

150k: Climbing Rope - A rope you can climb to practice your climbing skill.

300k: Punching Bag - A punching bag you can practice punching on.

300k: Kicking Stand - A stand you can practice kicking on.


80k: Normal House Pets - cats, dogs, rats, birds, etc. Cannot be attacked.
The home owner has input in description and name.

160-400k: Unique Animal Species a species you have manipulated into being.
Cost does depend on a number of factors. These animals will never be able to
be pets or mounts however there is scope for them to be hunted for their
unique body parts. Usually requires a yard.

50k+: Pet Tricks - Teach a house pet a simple trick (sit, beg, etc).

50k: Normal Plant common plants that are already in existence and that will
not have an impact on game balance.

100-250k: Unique Plant Species a plant species that you have nurtured and
developed yourself. Cost depends on a number of factors, including if you
wish the plant to bear fruit or flowers. Usually requires a yard.

125K: Household servant - house maid, butler, valet, whipping boy, gardener,

300k+: Doorman/bouncer this servants job is to ensure that only the home owner
gains entry to their house.


5k: Removing furniture permanently removes a piece of furniture.

15k: Relocation of furniture and other household items.

20K: Pest extermination (or the elimination of annoying pets and servants).

50k: Fee involved with transfer of keys after the re-sale of a home.
Mandatory fee.


Materials used in the construction of the house will affect the cost. While
the basic price covers the cost for a house built in the basic building
materials for the location, within reason, if you want a more exotic building
material that will affect the price. The more exotic, expensive and rare the
building items, the higher the cost will be. Cost modifiers will range from x
0.25 to 2.

Houses built in remote areas will cost twice the normal amount. This modifier
is applied after all other costs and considerations are taken into account.
This does not apply to items and pets.

If the approval and building process becomes too painful, there is a risk that
the house will attract a Hassle Levy. This levy will range between 50-100k
and will be applied after the Immortal in charge of player houses has
consulted with another Immortal to ensure that it is being reasonably applied.


Read help files: Player Houses, Player House Costs, How to Apply for a Player
House, Player House Room Standards, House Brownies, Re-sale of houses, and