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In the beginning, temples were easy targets, so they hired warriors and
fighters to protect them. Over time, these temple protectors not only came to
practice their arts of war, but also became devout to the temple's god. In
this way, they became the strong arm of the church, where their unique
combination of skills were needed. Hence, the Paladin was born.
Because of their devotion to a god, paladins gain a wide assortment of
simple spells. Useful spells such as create light, food, water and other
curative spells are complimented by the more powerful spells of
, and sanctify. However, gaining these benefits cost these
paladins to lose some of their formidable warrior skills. They cannot hit
quite as often as true warriors, but they learn the powerful skills of
and lay hands. This mixture of spells and skills make Paladins a
very powerful class, one that relies less on others for survival in a harsh
To see a listing of the abilities and spells available to Paladins, see
the help file on
Abilities. Other help files that may be useful
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