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Osse, Rainlord and Master of Water, is god of Water, winter, and the oceans of
the realm. Legend tells of him appearing as a large figure of water striding
on land, without losing form or cohesion. More often, he offers signs of his
presence as an unexpected, localized rainfall. Osse also is said to appear in
the form of snow falling through even the brightest sunshine in his aspect of

As all the elemental deities, Osse remains neutral in the strife between gods.
He does not seem to care much for any affairs of mortals, save for those who
dwell within or near the water. Fishermen are said to be under his
protection, save they honor the sea and do not overharvest. His rather
unpredictable nature is given over to a more protective nurturer during the
season of winter. Each snowflake of winter is a small work of Osse's craft,
gifted to the world.

The Rainlord's symbol is a stylized drop of water, point up. Alternatively,
those Ossean followers who follow the ocean aspect honor the symbol of a
stylized cresting wave. A particularly ancient sect of those who worship Osse
pray to him as the Navigator, whose signs are the compass rose and a ship's

Osse accepts worshippers of any alignment, provided they understand the
importance of Water.

Allowed worshipper alignments: any