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Average Statistics for Orcs

Height: males about 5'2" - 6'6"
females about 5' - 6'6"

Hair: Orcs typically don't have the greatest of manes. What hair does grow
tends to be black and coarse. Occasional shades of dark brown or
the infrequent shade of ruddy reddish-brown do occur.

Eyes: Typically dark shades of brown or black irises. The area around the
iris is a sallow yellowish or grey-white at best.

Affiliation: orcs are a dark race.

Appearance: Orcs frequently have dusky-hued skin tending towards shades
of brown or red. Warts are commonplace and, in some tribes, considered
marks of great beauty. Nothing's more pathetic than smooth, boring skin.

Orcs are not known for their great dental hygiene and often have cracked,
yellowed and missing teeth. Fortunately for them they often grow back
missing teeth once lost. Enlarged tusk-like canines often protrude from
the lower jaw noticeably. Their noses are typically upturned, giving them
a pig-like or boarish appearance according to the nastier comments of the
so-called good races.

Optional Advice on Role Playing an Orc

Orcs are typically slow and a bit dumb, never the less they know how to
be tough, wily and strong foes worthy of respect. Orcs primarily dwell
underground and, though they can tolerate sunlight, prefer not to and
will assuredly whine at being made to spend time in the light. Their
long years of growing as a society in the cramped tunnels and caves left
to them as the hand-me-downs of larger, brutish dark races or the more
cunning vyans has produced some pretty strong traits. Most orcs are not
shy or withdrawn and prefer to take what they can get. This makes for a
very combative society and one that has learned to take its own abuse.
Their favorite hobby would have to be tormenting the goblins that somehow
always manage to be present wherever there are orcs. Its considered
great sport, after all, they just keep taking the abuse and there are
always more.

After years of living this way, orcs finally came into contact with
humans. Though brutal at first, some orcs did see the advantage to
living above ground in artificial caves (houses), particularly if you
build them without windows, thus keeping sunlight out. When this faction
left, leaving more space in the caves, the remaining orcs rejoiced
greatly and proceeded to fight over the extra free space. The split, over
many years, has caused orcs to evolve into two main groups. An eastern
orc, seen most commonly around Voaleth, who tend to be more tribal,
chaotic and senselessly brutal. And a western orc, seen most commonly
around Brithbarad, known to be somewhat larger and more cunning in their
brutal plots.

Orcs subsist on a meat-only diet; they are not able to digest vegetables.

Racial Relations:
Orcs are known to to be none to fond of elves, finding their best value
to be the way they bleed so easily when cut, pounded or smashed.
Elves are also a good supply of elven teeth, which make fine keepsakes of
memorable raids on the unwary elf hunting party.

Despite their close resemblance to elves, orcs grudgingly respect vyans.
After all, how bad can a people who slaughter elves even more than you do

Dwarves and gnomes only have value as slaves, food or both in orcish eyes.

Orcs are generally on amiable terms with Ogres, seeing them as little
more than really large orcs.

Goblins, having turned out to be poor slaves who were too weak and lazy
as workers and too inconsistent in work quality, and about as hard to get
rid of as roaches turned out to be almost adequate allies. They make for
great fodder in a fight and are a nearly endless source of mirth as the
butt of jokes and target of cruelty. They just keep taking it and there
are always more. When you break one, there always seems to be two more
ready to take its place.

Orcs and trolls do not tend to get along well at all, always managing to
find something to fight over (usually involving possessions or food),
except when hunting elves.

Humans are an odd lot and are alternately tolerated and hated by orcs
depending on whatever the current leaders' whims seem to be. Where some
humans serve the dark forces they tend to make good allies, while humans
that serve the light are bothersome nuisances and frequently go the way
of elves. Which is to say they end up a smear on some orc's war club.

Lizardfolk remain a nearly complete enigma. They lived in the swamps
and, as everyone knows, there aren't caves under a swamp, just more swamp.
Worse than that, there are only two ways to get there. Through human
lands, and the humans keep stopping orcs to fight or talk, either one is
better than walking all day. Or through the Vaasa, and there are just so
many elves to kill there's never a good enough reason to get to the other
side of the Vaasa. Why go through when you can stop half way and just
keep killing elves until you're ready to go home?