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options : see how your various options are set.
The 'options' command will allow you to view and configure the options
which control your interface and affect your environment.

By typing 'options' with no arguments, you will see the options you
currently have set.

By typing 'options' followed by one of the available keywords, you
will toggle the stated option.

opt no_summon will toggle no_summon on or off.
You will see a message stating : "No_summon set to TRUE" (or FALSE, as
the case may be). If the message were, "No_summon set to TRUE," then you
cannot be summoned.

Note that the '*' after the flag indicates that the option is 'on'; eg,
no_summon (*) indicates that you cannot be summoned.

Options under 'Option Levels' can be set from 0 to 3 by typing option
These options allow you to turn channels on and off. If a channel is off
you will not be able to use it or hear what is said over it.

help Channels for more info.


auto.assist : Automatically assist your group members in battle.
auto.exit : Display the open exits in a room automatically.
(only works with Room.Info set to 1, see below) : Automatically skin corpses you kill.
auto.split : Automatically share looted coins among your group.
brief : Disables the showing of room DESCRIPTIONs.
editor.quiet : Stops the text editor from re-displaying the entire buffer
after simple edit operations.
email.public : Displays your registered email in your WHOIS /FINGER
fwd.mail : Mudmail will be forwarded to your email address. See help
MAIL for more info.
group.incog : Hides your character's info (level, class, stats) from
members of your
info : Displays info messages. See help INFO and IFLAG for
more detail.
info.time : Shows a timestamp for each item displayed by the info
join.fight : Prevents you from walking out of the room when someone you
assist in battle is fighting.
no.copper : Autoloot (see below) will not loot copper coins.
no.give : Prevents others from giving you items.
no.intro : Prevents others from introducing themselves to you or
introducing you to someone else.
no.leech : Prevent other players from leeching spells on you.
no.summon : Prohibits others from summoning you.
no.wake : Prevents other players from waking you while you sleep.
numeric : Displays numbers instead of worded numbers.
numerical.dam: Displays damage in numerical format (incomplete).
parry : If on, will fight only defensively.
pet.assist : Have your pet automatically assist you in battle.
portal : Sends you to portal when mud crashes or reboots.
reverse : Reverses order in which notes are displayed.
say.repeat : Repeat what you typed in or just confirm with 'Ok.'
searching : Search for secret doors on every move.
show.language: Display the language other people are speaking in. : Display a status bar with info about your character.
track : Allows you to see the tracks of others. : In an XTerm-compatible window, sets the window title.

Options with levels and their Meanings

Autoloot : Automatically loots things off a slain mob.
0 = off | 1 = don't loot, just list the loot
2 = gold only | 3 = gold and items
NOTE: Some mobs drop items when they die. These items will NOT be picked up
by Autoloot.

Autoscan : Automatically scans when entering rooms.
0 = off | 1 = autoscan anywhere but towns
2 = (same as 1) | 3 = autoscan anywhere

Ignore : Sets limits on those who can send you TELLs.
0 = off | 1 = only introduced people
2 = only befriended | 3 = recieve no tells

Room.Info : Reveals more details to each room.
0 = off | 1 = shows visible exits
2 = all room info | 3 = same as 2

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