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Average Statistics for Ogres

Height: males about 6'6" - 7'6"
females about 6'4" - 7'2"

Hair: Browns, black, reds and rarely gray.
It is usually coarse, bristly or patchy.
Facial hair is extremely rare, almost unheard of, though
ear, nose, shoulder and back hair are quite common.

Eyes: Ogres tend to have dull, beady eyes ranging in colors that are mainly
shades of gray. Sometimes they have hints of red or black as well.
The Irises are large leaving only a thin margin of the sallow to gray
surrounding it visible.

Appearance: Ogres are most often quite muscular with odd protuberances,
large warts and cysts most frequently, as well as having frequent patches
of hair-covered warts that can confuse their bulky shape. Most ogres
have poor postures and stoop horrendously. Ogre skin is usually a dusky
shade of grey-brown, sandy-brown, or a ruddy red-brown but it is always
somewhat rubbery.

Optional Advice on Role Playing an Ogre

As a general rule, ogres are big, mean and dumb. They are typically
brutish and like to bash anything smaller them as much as possible. They
particularly don't like little creatures, who tend to cause problems
and/or steal things. The general attitude of life for an ogre is pretty
simple. If you can eat it, do so. If you don't plan on eating it, bully
it. If you can't bully it, then smash it.

Ogres aren't known as great conversationalists, but they are the favored
workhorse of the dark armies being the best at what is most often called
for in any combat situation. Smash, rend and tear into itty-bitty pieces.

Ogres have no real central governing force, nor do they care overly much
for family units. Despite the lack of central cohesiveness, they still
managed to construct a city, Denab-Knur (The ogre words for Cave you live
in, further demonstrating their creative genius). True to form, city
government is based on strength. The strong rule and the weak serve.

Two varieties of ogre have evolved here. Gray ogres tend to be the
stronger and dumber of the two. Red Ogres, so called for the ruddy hue
of their rubbery skin, are somewhat smaller in stature and possess a
smidge more intelligence than grey ogres, they are still about as smart
as a rock by the standards of most other races.

Racial Relations:

As a rule ogres dislike anything small. Halflings, gnomes, dwarves and
goblins are all treated with contempt and should be stomped on repeatedly.
Goblins, at least, know how to tear things apart and can, on rare
occasion, be useful in breaking something in a small places ogres can't

Trolls, though strange and frankly, pretty dumb even by ogre standards,
make for useful allies.

Orcs are viewed with a measure of respect, as they know how to cut and
build things, though they obviously aren't as good as ogres or they
wouldn't be so puny.

Vyans make useful allies, as they make good diversions when hunting elves
and are good at dealing with elven magic. Unfortunately they are also a
nuisance as they always seem to think they are in charge. Fortunately
they rarely get in the way of such truly important matters as smashing
things when it comes time to do so.

Elves and lizardmen are hated simply as a matter of course. They serve
no purpose but they do bleed exceedingly well once you get past all their
silly magic and sharp claws.

Humans are an odd lot. While some are almost as good as orcs, many more
are often as bad as elves and lizardmen. Though its usually just easier
to smash them the same as elves, sometimes it pays off to only smash them
a little. Once they know who's boss, they make pretty good allies.