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The note function uses the standard editor commands to write notes. See
help editor for the list and description of these. In addition to the
standard editor commands, note also uses:

note # : either displays that note (if not editing), or
inserts/deletes that line (as in help editor)
note : changes to that noteboard
won't work if you're already writing a note.
note # : displays that note without switching noteboards.
won't work if you're already writing a note.
note : begins editing new note
note new : same as "note "
note post : posts the note on the note board, or saves changes
to a modified note
note title : changes the title of the note being edited<BR>note delete : erases the note being edited, or stops editing a<BR> : previously posted note and saves changes<BR>note delete # : if you were the writer of that posted note, it<BR> will be removed from the board<BR>note delete #-# : delete multiple notes<BR>note edit # : begins editing a note you have already posted<BR>note move <board> # : moves a posted note to another board<BR>note summary : lists the number of notes posted to all<BR> boards since your last mud session<BR>note clear : clear unread notes on the current noteboard<BR>note clear all : clear unread notes on all noteboards<BR>note search <text> : searches current noteboard for text<BR>note preview : shows what the note will look like when posted<BR><BR></SPAN><SPAN STYLE=" font-weight: bold; ">DESCRIPTION</SPAN><SPAN STYLE=" "><BR><BR>The note boards are used to post information for all to read, there are<BR>different boards for different topics which are:<BR><BR>general : general info and chatter<BR>ideas : comments and suggestions to improve gameplay<BR>bugs : post any bugs or problems encountered here<BR>announcements : a list of all recent changes to the mud<BR>information : useful general knowledge and the like to be shared<BR>stories : general role-playing saga<BR>wanted : place for you to post your wish lists<BR>fixed : where imms move bugs notes once they are dealt with<BR><BR></SPAN><SPAN STYLE=" color: red; ">Please post your notes on the correct board. And please, post only serious<BR>notes and do not post replies if the note does not require one. Posting<BR>frivolously will get your gossip points docked.</SPAN><SPAN STYLE=" "><BR></td></tr> </table>