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As a new player it's important to know the various forms of communication
available to you. The two different ways you can talk with people are
personally and publicly.

Personal Communication

Personal communication is just that - personal. It goes from one person to
another and is only shown to those two people unless one of those people share
it with someone else. There are three separate ways to communicate personally
with another player:
tell, mail, and whisper.


Tells can be sent to any other player online at the same time (see the '
list for a listing of players logged in) regardless of your location in-game.
There are two limitations on this however,
ignore and filter. To see more
detail on these two commands see help options (information on opt ignore is in
Options with levels and their Meanings section) and help filter.

If another player has ignore up, you can use the reply command to speak with
them (see help reply for more information).

To speak with a mob, they must have a program to respond to what you say. For
example, some mobs will respond to a simple hello or hi and will not respond
to much else, if anything. If a mob mentions something you can always ask
them about it by typing in ask and they may respond. Remember,
you must be in the same room as the mob you are trying to talk to for this
command to work.


To send a mail to another player you will need to use the mail command, which
requires you to have a silver coin on you to pay the demon. Writing and
editing mails requires use of the editor, which can be fairly confusing to new
players. To help facilitate understanding of how it works, here is an example
of how to write and send a simple mail:

First, you need to create a new mail, we'll call it mail Hi
Enter in: mail Hi

Second you will enter your text in. Lets say you want to mail another player
in response to a note they posted on the wanted board you may enter in:
mail Hi, I saw your note on the wanted board and have a few of the things you
are looking for. Just send me a tell or a mudmail if you think we can work
out some kind of trade.

You'll notice when you enter that in the following pops up:
[ 1] Hi, I saw your note on the wanted board and have a few of the things you are looking for. Just send me a tell or a mudmail if you think we can work out some kind of trade.

The odd numbers next to lines you enter in are used for editing. To format
our simple mail we type in:
mail 1-1

When you have multiple lines you want to format type in all those lines (for
example: mail 1-3 would do two lines you entered in.). If you want to put a
space between two lines simply enter in the odd number that would go between
the two. For example, if you had two lines entered in (marked as mail [1] and
mail [3]) you would enter in mail 2 to make a space between those two lines.


The whisper command can be sent to any other player in the same room as you
and is only seen by that player, although other players will see that you
whispered to them. One very important thing about whisper is your language:
In order for whisper to be an effective form of communication you need to be
able to speak a common language as the person you wish to whisper to. If
neither of you know a common language then what you say to them will just show
up as unintelligible gibberish.

Global Communication

Global forms of communication go to more then just one person and are a good
way to communicate with several people at once. While some forms of global
communication require you to be in a special group, others simply require you
to have that form of communication turned on. The different forms of global
communication can be narrowed down to
channels and notes.


There are several different channels that players can use to communicate such
as ooc, atalk, and gossip to name a few. Information on these channels can
all be found in
help channels - to toggle this channels simply use the options
command (ie: If you were to type in '
opt ooc' and the ooc channel was off it
would be turned on. However, if it was on it would be turned off.). All of
the global channels are on by default except for 'UC', which will stay off
unless a player purposefully turns it on.

Out of all of the global channels, the atalk (or auction talk) channel is the
only one that has a set of commands associated with it. These commands are
used to auction items or to buy items from the auction block. To auction an
item you
must have a silver coin on you. To auction something simple, like a
ring, for 500 cp (or 500 copper pieces) you type in
auc ring 500 to sell the
ring. As long as you have a silver coin to pay the daemon, your item will be
carried off to the auction block.

However, when you wish to buy something off the auction block you do not use a
keyword of the object to bid. Instead, you use the lot number associated with

Lot Tme Buyr Min.Bid Item Use Wgt Cnd
--- --- ---- ------- ---- --- --- ---
1 29 -- 12 vial of sacramental oil yes .30 prf

This is how an auction will show up before a player has bid on it. If lot one
was an item you would like to purchase and were willing to spend up to 50cp on
you would type in bid 1 12 50.

If you would like more information on auction, there is a great help file you
can view simply by type in '
help auction'.

Special Group Channels

There some channels that work based on who your character is and what groups
they join. For example only evil characters and races will see the chat meant
for them, and only good characters will see the chat meant for them.
help chat for more information.

Another channel that's affected by how you chose to play your character is the
chant channel. This is sent only to people of the same religion as your
character. For a listing of other players who share the same god as you type
religion . Also, more information on chant can be found in help chant.

Two channels that you will use more often are
gtell (or group tell) and ctell
(or clan tell).

Group Tell (gtell)

A gtell is sent to the group you are in. To join a group you must either get
people to follow you or follow another player. Languages are not an issue in
gtell. In fact, if you do not use a language you know to 10 (when you are
small this will be your native language) other players in your group will have
a harder time understanding you. To see your language skills type in abi l.
Remember, the lower your skill level the less understandable you will be.

If you would like to read more information on grouping, look at
help group.

Clan tell (ctell)

Clans are special groups that each have their own rules governing who can and
can not join them. To see a list of available player clans type in 'clans'.
To read a particular clan's charter type in clan . These
charters outline the premise behind the clan as well as any rules governing it.

Notes and Note Boards

Note boards are places where players can leave permanent messages to each
other. Some of the more commonly used note boards are wanted, bugs, and
ideas. However, there are several other boards that can be used by players.

To post a note you would use the editor that was mentioned before when we
talked about mail messages. However, you need to make sure you are on the
correct board for your note before you begin writing it. For example, if you
find a bug in the game and would like to post a note about type in
note bug so
that you are on the correct board. Once you are on the correct board simply
type your note in and use the editor to format your note. After all the text
has been entered you can post your note (
note post). For more information on
notes take a look at
help noteboard.