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Neughlen, the Sickness, is the chaotic goddess of the creation and twisting of
life. She creates plagues and poisons of all kinds, also twisting far larger
creatures into new and dangerous monstrosities. She appears as a twisted
monster made from the parts of many creatures, though when she appears to a
specific person she becomes a combination of what he loves and hates.

Neughlen is one of the Ancient Ones, akin to
Taranth, Kerog, Lonil, and
Temohpab. Neughlen was vested by Ulthi with the power to create new life, and
when he embraced evil, she too fell into darkness. She bore three children,
each to one of the elemental gods. With
Osse she bore Sst'rasa, with Kantos
she bore
Duroth, and with Essyn came Freylia. Neughlen has since joined
Temohpab and the dark gods and her children have turned from her madness.

Neughlen's followers are usually chaotic in natures and often outcast by their
homelands, for they are known to bring disease and misfortune to those around
them. For this reason there is no organized church of Neughlen and her
followers often disguise their worship, even using the holy symbols of other
gods with (relative) impunity.

Allowed worshippers: Any non-good, non-lawful (PN, CN, NE, CE)