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Multiplaying policies of TFE:

* Multiplaying is defined as having more than one character, both
controlled by the same real-life person, logged onto the MUD simultaneously
or within 5 minutes of each other. You may create as many characters on your
account(s) as you like, but you may not multiplay them. Additionally, you
cannot "give away" characters to other players. If you want to retire a
character, do so by not logging them. If you want to help your friends, help
them level their own characters.

* Multiplaying is not allowed. It gives too much of an advantage over
those who cannot do it. It also promotes soloing and works against the social
structure of the MUD.

* Players may not trade equipment between their own characters, nor may
they assist others in doing so. You may not create a new character and give
him equipment from an old character, even if you delete the old one.

* The Immortals of TFE insist that all players wait five minutes before
logging alternate characters on. In addition, players may not log in and out
frequently in order to speed up area resets. This also includes constant
voiding in areas.

* Each account may have only one character on at a time, and playing multiple
characters via multiple accounts is also not permitted. This rule extends to
equipment trading and the 5-minute rule as well... even if you've cleverly
managed to create multiple accounts, characters in all your accounts Bear in
mind again that you cannot "give away" characters. are subject to these
rules, as if they were all under the same account.

Multiplayers may reasonably expect themselves to be purged.