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Morr, the Dark Angel, is one of the gods of the Ebon Triumvirate. He never
appears to the living, appearing only to his faithful at the moment of their
death, guiding them through the transition. He is said to be a beatific
figure, with feathered wings and golden hair. His eyes, however, are
completely black, without whites or iris. This is referred to by his faithful
as the "Ever-Seeing Eye," the Eye of Death that sees the moment of every
creature's passing. He has many servants, also appearing as Angels of Death,
who go and collect the spirits at the moment of their dying.

Morr is the god of dying, that intrinsic moment of the spirit leaving the body
and life slipping away. No creature can die without Morr or one of his Dark
Angels guiding them through the passage. There are two branches of the
faithful of Morr -- usually referred to as the Light and Dark Morr. The Light
clergy believe that death is a part of life, and should be met bravely and
with honor. They tend to the sick and the dying, hoping to ease their last
moments and bring them calm. The Dark clergy believe that with each creature
they send through the transition, their lord gains power. So they are a cult
of foul assassins, prone to poison and many other ways of dealing a quick and
brutal death. The two branches of clergy have been battling since their
inception. There are some clergy who walk the middle path, neither seeking
out to help the dying or seeking out new creatures to slay, but these few
wanderers are regarded as strange by both branches.

Morr's symbol is a stylized representation of the Ever-Seeing Eye, a black,
pointed ellipse surrounded by a circle that does not touch it.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any