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Morkith, the Undying, is one of the three gods of the Ebon Triumvirate. He is
said to be formless, made entirely of darkness, though with eyes of balest
red. His appearance is rare upon the mortal earth, though it could be that
none live to tell the tale.

They are each aspects of death, and Morkith claims for his own the demons
summoned from below and the unlife of the undead. He desires the power of the
dying and the dead, and constantly wars against his brothers, Morr and
Xiroce. He hates the Light and the gods that serve it, though he sees them
more as raw materials than the scourge his Lord, Temohpab does. Morkith once
sought to slay Taranth, and take through her the life of the world. Kerog
stepped in, and in the resultant fight, dealt Morkith a blow with his sword.
As such, the two gods have been foes ever since.

His symbol is his lurid red eyes looking out of a field of black.

Morkith is worshipped mostly by solitary practitioners of the dark arts,
though whenever an undead is raised or a demon summoned, it requires his
permission. He grants this permission even to non-followers, because he is
willing to use whoever it takes to further his goal. Each creature raised is
one building block in his tower, one step closer to his goal to become sole
Lord of Death.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any evil, and those with wildly chaotic
tendancies. (CN, LE, NE, CE)