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Monks are extremely deadly fighters specializing in unarmed combat. As The
Forest's Edge is not set in an Asian-type setting monks are not necessarily
analogous to 'traditional' monks, but instead represent experts at individual,
unarmed combat. Included in their plethora of physical abilities are the
skills of
tiger paw, dragon strike, and critical hit, which multiply the
damage done on a strike. Higher level monks attain the abilities of
, and demon slash. Unable to use metal armors, monks rely upon leather
and natural armors and defensive skills such as
dodge, parry, and shadow dance
to provide them with protection.
While very weak at lower levels, monks are
indispensible to any group seeking to battle any powerful foe, because their
ability to inflict massive damage is required for victorious combat.

Monk weaponry ('unarmed' weapons) comes in two basic types: sets and one-
handed. Sets are simply a pair of one-handed weapons, and offhand attacks
count toward a monk's total attacks when using a two-handed 'unarmed' weapon.
Most one-handed weapons can be held in either hand. For a monk to get full
attacks, the monk cannot be holding items other than weapons in his or her
hands. It is worth mentioning that while holding nothing at all, monks are
still able to take advantage of their training and use their combat skills
quite effectively.

For a listing of the skills available to Monks, please see the help
file on