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message : lists the message flags and their settings
message : toggles message flag on/off
message : adjusts level of message


This is used to toggle certain familiar messages on/off - removing the
max_mana message for warriors, etc. Some message options have four levels
instead of just being set to on or off - they can be set from 0 to 3.


Autosave : lets you see when autosave occurs.
Bleeding : alerts you when you are badly hurt and bleeding.
Damage.Mobs : gives info when mobs take damage.
Damage.Players : gives info when players take damage.
Door.Dir : shows you what direction the door you're manipulating is in
Followers : shows followers when the group leader moves.
Hungry : alerts you when you are hungry.
Item.Lists : lets you see a list of items instead of simply "gets several
Long.Names : lets you see the appearance and name of players
Max.Hit : alerts you when you are at maximum hit points.
Max.Energy : alerts you when you are at maximum energy.
Max.move : alerts you when you are at maximum moves.
Misses : lets you see misses in combat.
Queue : shows when things are queued.
Spell.Counter : lets you know how many spells are prepared each time you
prepare a new spell.
Thirsty : alerts you when you are thirsty.
Weather : alerts you to changes in the weather. (not implemented)


Banks - Withdrawl and deposit messages in banks
Equipment - Wearing and removing equipment
Inventory - Taking and removing things from containers
Look - Looking in/on/at things, glance/qlook
Prepare - Messages seen while preparing spells

0 = off | 1 = only befriended
2 = group members and befriended | 3 = all on

See also
iflag and options.