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Meriada, Goddess of Time and Neutrality, is also the goddess of the arcane.
Appearing in visions as a silver-haired sage of great beauty and power,
Meriada rarely takes physical form upon the earth. When she does, it is most
often as a magical creature turned inexplicably silver, with a preference
being shown for those that fly. An argent glow of mystical energy is another
sign she uses of her presence and favor, as well as turning the hair of a
worshipper the color of molten silver. Those born with hair naturally that
color are said to have her favor, and while they may not become worshippers,
they most often grow into great wielders of magic.

Preferring to remain entirely neutral in the war between the gods, Meriada has
allowed her arcane forces to be used by both at the cost that neither side
take direct action against her or magic itself. Magic being the power it is,
it was not a difficult decision for either the Dark or Light side. She has a
particularly close relationship with Kantos, as the earth and magic and
eternity are impossibly intertwined. She sometimes is worried about the
struggle between the Dark and Light completely overturning the concept of
Balance, she continues to have faith in the necessary forces of the earth
somehow being protected from destruction.

Meriada's symbol is the constellation that bears her name, a pattern of 9
stars that scholars say is the Silver Phoenix. An alternate symbol sometimes
used is the hourglass, filled with sands often depicted as silver.

Meriada accepts as followers only those whose spirits are infused with magic,
disallowing those whose talents are more mundane.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any neutral (NG, LN, PN, CN, NE)