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Magic in this realm is different from what you might be used to.
Reagents are required for most all spells in addition to the appropriate
gestures. To see what spells you can learn at your level, type "abil s".
If you are a spell-caster you should have at least one spell. The word
next to the spell describes your profiency at casting that spell. This
will increase the more you cast the spell.

To find out more about a particular spell, type
"spell name>". This will give you the lowdown on the spell, listing its
reagents, description, casting time, etc. To find reagents for a spell,
look around in the wild or visit various shops scattered across the
realms. Some are commonplace and widely available, and some are quite
expensive and/or difficult to find.

To cast a spell, type
"cast ". This requires
that you have the proper reagents in your inventory, know the spell at at
least level 1, and have enough energy to cast it.
Energy is listed
under the prompt next to the 'e'. It slowly regenerates up to some max
that increases with level and intelligence. To see your current max,
type "score". When you successful cast a spell you will begin to perform
the necessary gestures. This can take from 1-5 turns.

For mages (and eventually other delvers in the mystical arts), the amount of
metal worn on one's body affects the casting cost of spells in terms of
energy. This is due to how metal interferes with the magical fields and
forces necessary for the proper casting of spells. If your spells suddenly
jump in their casting costs, check your
equipped items; you're most likely
wearing something metal that is to blame.

When spell casters are
bashed (in addition to some other commands) by
mobs or other players, a spell might be disrupted. Beware.

Some spells are
leech spells, and will remain active until you stop
feeding them energy off of your max. Type
leech and help leech
to find out more about this.

To find out the specific spells available to a class, type help
Abilities. Additional help files that may be useful include
spell, and leech.