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A mage is an individual whose intellectual curiousity leads him to ask
questions perhaps better left unconsidered. Mages typically possess
tremendous mental abilities, and spend a great deal of time in research
and in conducting their experiments. This generally leaves them with
feeble physical skills. From their magical training, they learn the
mystical nature of the world around them, and having learned how to shape
this force, they bend the physical world around them to suit their whim
and will.

While mages tend to start slowly, they are important to any group
because they have such diverse effects. Simple spells can create water,
food, and light, while more powerful spells can harness natural forces
into bolts of lightning and sheets of fire. Protective spells, detection
spells, and spells to enhance physical abilities are all learned by a
mage, and with the additional unique and extremely useful
spell of
find familiar, a mage is indeed a powerful class. Mages' spells
are adversely affected by metal, and the more metal a mage wears the more
difficult it is to cast spells.

To see a listing of the spells available to Mages, see the help file on

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