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Lodar, the Black Star, is god of mischief and cruelty. Twin to Ashallan, he
appears as a handsome, raven-haired human male. The perfection of his face is
marred by a near-permanent smirk, and his dark eyes seem to take a particular
glee in the misfortunes around him.

Twin to Masked Ashallan, Lodar has cast his lot with the Dark Gods and added
cruelty to his domain, much to the fury of Iniara. The Black Star further
infuriates the Dark Mistress by simply ignoring her. There is no love lost
between them, but they rarely come out in the open with discord and both
submit to Temohpab's rule. He has a particular aversion to Slen, though
recorded history has no inkling of why. His followers refuse to answer even
the slightest question on the subject, and quite often make the unfortunate
poser of the question the butt of many misfortunes to come.

The symbol of Lodar is a black star. The background color varies, though
there has been no indication from the faithful as to the particular meanings
of the hues.

The Black Star does not really seem to have any requirements for worshippers,
save they do not hold Light in their hearts.

Allowed worshipper alignment: most non-good (PN, CN, LE, NE, CE)