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The Llewyrr live in the Mighty Vaasa, which lies over a range of
mountains to the northeast of Medienna. The Vaasa is the mightiest
forest known, and dwarfs all others in its size, age, and grandeur.
Llewyrr tend to dress in forest colors and have straight hair running
from dark browns to blonds. Elven eyes are always striking, and come in
more shades and varieties than even those of human.

. The Llewyrr have come to have very distinct characteristics which have
come to depict them, and them only. Their general attitude towards life
deviates from that of many others; they believe in the sacredness that
all things: elven, human, animal, plant, rock, or soil. Only those who
kill or destroy out of reasons other than necessity of survival are
considered lessers. Over the years, however, there has come to be a
large generalization that all races other than elven kill needlessly and
destroy nature, and so are lessers. Several radical factions of Llewyrr
have been known to massacare humans and other nearby races for seemingly
no reason.

. Often it is possible to tell the specific beliefs followed by a
Llewyrr by the beads woven into his or her hair. This is definately not
true for all though, as many simply choose their own path to follow.