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Average Statistics for Lizardfolk

Height: male and female 5'6" - 6'2"

Hair: (you're kidding right?) Lizardfolk don't grow hair.

Eyes: Reptilian eyes, vertically slit pupils surrounded by an
all-enveloping iris in shades from red to amber to yellow.

Affiliation: neutral

Appearance: Lacking hair for a description, lizardfolk often employ the
description of various colors depicted by their scales. Much the way a
snake's scales form interesting patterns, many lizardfolk also develop
patterns. Most often patterns are recurrent in clan members and are the
primary identifying mark of a particular tribe, clan or familial group of
lizardfolk. Lizardfolk skin/scales are typically soft and smooth like a
snakes, though wet, fish-like skin and raspy crocodile-like skin has been
noted before as well.

Lizardfolk have sharp claws that sometimes make grasping and manipulation
a little difficult, but which prove quite useful in unarmed combat.
Lizardfolk are also lacking lips and can not whistle and must improvise
when calling pets.

Lizardfolk, as a whole, live solely in regions of swampland. Serpentmen,
a distant relative, tend to prefer the more arid desert climates.
Lizardmen are not serpentmen, there is a difference.

Option Advice for Role Playing Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk are typically a fierce yet contemplative people who are
withdrawn in dealings with any other race then their own. They prefer
the solitude of their own kind whenever possible, but will work alongside
others in times of need. Within almost every lizardperson a war is raged
at all times between the hot-headed violent nature of brute survival
against the contemplative wisdom of peace. Most often it is the youths
who are the fighters and warriors of a tribe, their easy anger reigned in
by the wiser, older lizardfolk who act as elder guides. It is with time
and age that true wisdom and peace are acquired, quenching the rage
within though never stilling the fierce strength that came with it.

Lizardfolk come from a tribal background where many small tribes fought
with each other over territory. It was not until two tribes managed to
absorb many others and, after a fierce struggle, finally came to terms
with each other and joined as one large clan that their only city of
Sos-kul was built in the K'ssk swamp. Though most have formed into one
homogenized clan, the scale-markings that typically identified various
tribes and familial groups are still pretty pure and a developing caste
system indicates that they will remain distinguishing characteristics for
some time yet.

Racial Relations:
Lizardfolk are generally a reclusive race preferring to stick to their own
kind. Despite their misgivings, however, they have come to find that
they can get along well with humans who share the same tendency towards
the balance of light and dark.

Though contact is quite sparse, nearly being on the other side of the
known world from lizardfolk, they do get along fairly well with gnomes
when contact does occur.

Lizardfolk do not get along very well with dwarves due to several
cross-cultural differences and misunderstandings despite the faith they
both place in gnomes.

Lizardfolk do not mix well with elves at all. Some speculate that this
stems from a past misunderstanding of temporal importance while others
argue that the conflict's roots relate to religious matters.

Lizardfolk have even less tolerance of the elves dark cousins, the vyans.
Several wars have been fought between vyans and lizardfolk in the past.

Similarly, Lizardfolk do not get along well with orcs, ogres or trolls.
Continued raids on lizardfolk settlements by these peoples has resulted
in a strong hatred for these races by most lizardfolk.

Lizardfolk do not tolerate the presence of goblins, considering them
nothing more than useless vermin and thieves most notable for their theft
of lizardfolk eggs which they sell to vyans to be trained as slaves when
they hatch.