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list : lists all objects a shopkeeper has to sell
list : lists items matching argument


List gives you a table of all the objects a shopkeeper has, and their
respective costs, levels, number, and condition. The cost is always
listed in copper pieces, and is based on the
value of the object and
how many are in stock. The level is the minimum level needed to use the
object, and is often low, although the more powerful items tend to have
high levels.

The number is the amount of a particular item that the shopkeeper
currently has. As it varies, the amount that the item is sold for varies
as well; the more items he has, the less they will cost, and the less
items he has, the more they will cost.

The condition tells the status of the object. A shop always sells
items in excellent condition, unless an item in need of
repair has
been sold to it by a player.

If an argument is specified it uses the same input as buy so it can be
used to verify you are buying what you think you are. Thus to see a list
of all shields in a shop you would use list all.shield.

*** in the level portion of the list means that either your race,
class, or alignment forbids your use of the item.


To list all gloves in the shopkeeper's stock:
list all.glove