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leech : Displays a list of spell leeches.
leech <#> : Stops the numbered spell leech.
leech : Stops the named spell from leeching energy.
leech clear : Stops all energy leeches.


Some spells have no set duration but will continue until the spellcaster stops
them by cutting off the power going to the spell. LEECH is the command that
allows him to do this. Typing leech alone will bring up a list of all the
spells that the spellcaster has running. The 'Max Mana: xxx (yyy max)' is
your maximum amount of mana the xxx part is the maximum available and the yyy
part is your total amount of mana. the 'Regen. Rate: xx (yy) is how fast you
will regain your energy once again the xx is your current regen and the yy is
your total. The 'Num' column is the spell number, this is the number that you
would use to stop the spell from drawing energy from you. The 'Spell' column
is the name of the spell. The 'Regen' column shows the amount that the spell
is draining from your Regen. Rate. The 'Max' column is the amount of mana a
spell drains from your max mana. And the 'Character' column shows who the
spell is cast on.