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Kantos is one of the four elemental gods along with Essyn, Kryoth, and Osse.
When the world was created, Kantos as god of Earth, made the base to which the
other elementals added their powers. He controls the earth and all the
creatures that walk upon it. As with all the elemental gods, Kantos has no
involvement in the war between light and dark, choosing instead to focus
entirely upon the earth.

He has always been concerned with the constancy of the earth. His desire that
it remain whole, though it may change, and not be destroyed somehow resulted
in Temohpab offering Kantos the inexplicable boon to not destroy the earth,
though recorded history, scribes, and seers have no idea why.

Kantos oversees the season of autumn upon the earth, while winter is Osses
domain, spring is under Essyns control and summer is governed by Kryoth.

History tells of Kantos appearing as an old human male, with stately silver
hair and an air of timelessness. His eyes are always brown, and he prefers to
be clad in shades of brown as well. Another method he has used to reveal his
presence is a soft, earthen glow illuminating an object.

He is called The Eternal because of his first creation of earth, the
mountains. Duroth, the dwarven god, is the son of Kantos and Neughlen.

Followers of Kantos may be of any alignment, so long as they respect the
earth. His holy symbol is a brown triangle, point up, inscribed in a circle.

Allowed worshiper alignment: Any

Allowed worshipers: Any