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inventory command lists the items currently in your inventory, which is a
conceptual place to keep objects so they can be used quickly and easily.

When you
get or take an object from the room you're in or from a container,
the object goes into your inventory. Likewise, when your
drop an item or put
it in a container, the object is removed from your inventory. You can also
junk items from your inventory if you no longer want them.

You can
wear or hold equipment, armor, and weapons from your inventory. When
you later
remove the items, they return to your inventory.

When someone
gives you something, it goes into your inventory. You can also
give items from your inventory to someone else.

In a bank, you can
deposit money or items from your inventory, and later
withdraw them from the bank.

When you
buy items in a shop, they go into your inventory. You can also sell,
value, or melt items from your inventory.

See also: get, drop, put, junk, wear, remove, equipment, give, banking, shops.