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So you want your very own home that you can call your own? Before you apply
make sure you read make sure you read the following help files: Player Houses,
Re-Sale of Houses, Player House Costs, Player House Room Standards, Yards, and
House Brownies.

Also make sure you have a clear idea of what you want; that you have taken
into account all considerations; that you are clear about the rules; and you
can string together, at minimum, a simple sentence. While the PH Imm (the
immortal in charge of player houses) is available for general discussions
about your house, it is not their job to come up with an idea for your house,
or to write your house and yard for you.

Think of the process like this. You are the architect and the PH Imm is the
builder with the exclusive access to the cheap labour and materials.

Once you have read the above help files then it is time to follow these steps:

1. Check your bank balance and compare it to the help file Player House
Costs. Keeping in mind location, size etc, ensure your bank balance is
sufficient to cover the costs of your desired home. If it is not, then it is
time to do some more plundering and pillaging and not to apply for a home.

2. You must be flexible in your location of choice given that some locations
have fewer options than others. With this in mind, once you have worked out
you can afford your home, send a mud mail to the PH Imm expressing your
interest in building a home, and your desired location (please include a room

3. The PH Imm will either scope out the location, or will contact you and
discuss it further. If the PH Imm feels that the location is viable, they
will make contact with you to collect payment, which secures the building
location. This payment will be half of the approximate cost of the home.

4. Keep in mind that you will be able to add to your home at a later time,
but you must be able to afford a basic house.

5. If the location is not viable, then the PH Imm will initiate a discussion
with you until a suitable location is found. To help with this process it
will help to have a couple of alternative locations for your home in mind when
you first apply for your house. Also keep in mind that if you want a yard,
your location will need to be able to accommodate both your house and yard.

6. You will be given an email address where you will then send a word
document with your plan. This plan will consist of the room descriptions and
a general layout for your home. Also any unique item or mob descriptions that
the player wants for their house is also to be sent along. Any other details
that you want in your home, for example, special actions and extras for your
rooms, should also be included in this information.

7. Please use common sense when writing these descriptions, if you dont think
it is suitable, it most likely isnt. Also correct spelling, grammar and
punctuation is a necessity. Any re-writes that are required will be done by
the players. Do read the help file Player House Room Standards for further

8. While it is expected that room descriptions may go through a number of
changes until they are suitable for the building crews to install, if this
process becomes too painful there will be a "Hassle Levy" of between 50-100pp
added to the overall cost of the house.

9. Once the final approval has been given on the house layout and
descriptions, etc, and before the plans are handed over to the building
trolls, the total cost of the house will be calculated and the rest of the
payment for the house is to be made.

10. At this time any special items that are required for the building of your
home will also be discussed. Building cannot be finalised until all materials
have been supplied.

11. The house is then constructed. This process can take a few days to a few
weeks, depending on complexity, size and other demands.

12. Houses will be built in order of request received. Despite this policy
it is possible for applicant B to have their house completed before applicant
A if, for example, applicant A has had to do a lot of re-writes while
applicant B submitted a perfect draft and already had the special items
required for their house.

13. Above all, be patient and respectful. We dont want your housing plans
and/or house payments to mysteriously disappear.


Read help files: Player house costs, Player Houses, House Brownies, Player
House Room Standards, Re-sale of houses, and Yards.