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Despite extensive spraying with DDT, the use of cunning traps and lures,
bribes, threats, and explosive devices planted in tiny chocolates, we just
cannot seem to rid house storage rooms of these pesky brownies.

These nasty faery creatures like cleanliness and order and usually come in
groups, but instead of infesting the kitchen where they would be useful, they
like storage rooms in player houses. This means that any items that are left
on the floor for too long and not put away in an appropriate place will be
be nabbed by these accursed pests to never be seen again.

Because of the persistence of these blighters any items nabbed by them are
unable to be reimbursed aside from bags of holding. If a reboot has occurred
before an Immortal can retrieve the bag from the brownies then the bag and all
contents are also lost forever and WILL NOT be reimbursed.


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