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Average Statistics for Halflings

Height: males about 3'2" - 4'
females about 3'2" - 3'10"

Hair: Mostly shades of brown, some blond or red, rarely black.
Facial hair is rare at best.

Eyes: Tending towards all natural human shades.

Affiliation: Halflings are a light race.

Appearance: Halflings look quite like human children until they reach
maturity. They do develop wrinkles, graying hair and other human attributes,
only they retain their shorter stature. Halflings most often develop a stout
build, some say due to the minimum of 5 meals a day they tend to enjoy as
opposed to the 3 a day most other races attend. For those with prior role
playing experience; halflings are not hobbits. We aren't going to ban you for
having hairy feet, but realize, it is not the norm.

Optional Advice on Role Playing a Halfling

Halflings are typically good natured, care-free folk who are more interested
in settling down and enjoying life rather than adventuring. Since the idea of
the game is to adventure, this means you are most probably playing a halfling
that is not quite that normal. A normal "adventuring" halfling is one who
still values the good things in life: good meals, good company, and cheerful
surroundings. Halflings are so steeped in the realm of light and goodness
that they tend to brighten any place they can go with a desire to bring simple
goodness with them.

The ideal adventure for your typical non-adventuring halfling would be
settling down with friends in a nice tavern to tell tales and discuss
adventures while sharing food and drink. Your average adventuring halfling,
while finding the same pursuit equally exciting, tends to want to go see these
places for themselves as well as talk about them.

Racial Relations:

Halflings, though typically shy around non-halflings, are found quite
frequently among dwarven and human settlements having insinuated
themselves quite merrily into both cultures.

Halflings tend to view elves with some awe, seeing in them their goodness
and ethereal beauty. The fact that elves treat halflings as cheerful
little icons of goodness doesn't hurt either.

Halflings tend to very much dislike vyans. They view the vyans as the fallen,
evil forms of the elves they hold in awe. To the halflings the vyans
represent a deep evil made more insidious by its nature to hide behind the
same ethereal beauty that graces the elves.

Gnomes are viewed as distant cousins as many of the same living
environments have been shared over time and few quarrels have resulted
over it.

Halflings detest goblins and orcs, the former race being nothing more
than a disruptive nuisance and the latter treating them no better than
they tend to treat goblin slaves. Confrontations between these races
tends to be short and bloody.

Ogres tend to avoid halflings as the small race tends to annoy the large,
slow ogres.

Halflings tend to avoid trolls, as they look like a nice feast to most

Lizardfolk are viewed with as a curiosity, halflings having rare contact
with them and no basis for understanding the culture at all.