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Gossip points are a method to limit the amount a player uses the global
channels. The desire for this is due to some players having a tendency to be
rather loquacious if not somehow muffled. A player begins the game with a
small amount which slowly increases to a maximum of 1000 with time. Using
various chatting features uses up these points. The number of gossip points
your character has available is available via the
score command.

Use of chat or OOC: 1 gossip point
Use of atalk: 5 gossip points
Use of gossip: 10 gossip points
Use of shout: 500 gossip points

Avatars (AVs) and Immortals (Imms) can also dock your gossip points for
inappropriate use of chat channels. The amount of points docked starts at 50
gossip points and will increase based on the number and frequency of your

Abusiveness to AVs or Imms doing their job may result in loss of all gossip
points, gaoling, or being banned temporarily or permanently from the game.
If you feel you have been dealt with unfairly by an AV or Imm you are welcome
(and quite possibly should) contact another AV or Imm however repeatedly doing
this just to get out of trouble will not be looked upon kindly.

See also: chat, gossip, shout, ooc