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Freylia, Lifebringer, Harvestmistress, Mother of Halflings, is goddess of
harvests, festivals, and halflings. She is said to often appear among her
disciples anonymously, most often as a halfling woman. When appearing
directly, she appears as matronly halfling woman, golden-tressed and crowned
in wheat. Her eyes are the color of earth, and she is clad in greens and
golds, the color of growing crops and harvest-time. The garments are richly
embroidered, as if for a festival

As the goddess of harvests, Freylia has a close relationship with the
elemental gods, as they govern the crop cycle and the earth. She is firmly
allied with Lonil and the Gods of Light, believing in peace and harmony and
that in war and destruction, the fields are first to be burned. She is a
good-natured soul, quick to laugh and always ready to dance at a festival, it
is rare to see Freylia and have her not be smiling. She is quick to defend
the fields and her people, and as such has given her halflings the ability to
be staunch fighters for causes they believe in, though also enjoying of the
simple things in life.

Freylia's symbol is her crown of wheat.

Freylia accepts worshippers of any good or neutral alignment, though she
prefers those with stout hearts filled with Light. She is most often
worshipped by halflings.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any non-evil (LG, NG, CG, LN, PN, CN)