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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why do auction/mail daemons not make change?
A: They prefer shiny silver coins and therefore will not accept copper, gold,
or platinum coins.

Q: Why won't the portal send me to ?
A: There are three different portal rooms you may find yourself in. None of
the portals will send you to every town.

Q: Why isn't there a high pkill or pkill count in score?
A: Pkill isn't supposed to be a goal on this mud, just an option for those who
wish to role-play a particular hatred.

Q: What does 'only-good-evil' mean when identifying an object?
A: It translates to 'anti-neutral-but-only-on-the-good-evil axis.'

Q: Why does 2.mob attack me even though I only ever was in combat with 1.mob?
A: Mobs which assist each other will share lists of those who have attacked
them. Once you leave a mob around which is aggressive to you and its friends
enter the room with it, all of these mobs will be aggressive to you.

Q: I was hidden or camouflaged, and a mob I never fought could see me, and
A: This is caused by the same enemy-list sharing described above. A mob you
previously attacked, but allowed to survive, told another mob that you're in
the area. Wary of your presence, the second mob won't be fooled by your
attempts at hiding or camouflage.

Q: Another player is stealing my zone! Why isn't he being prevented or
A: Zone-stealing (a.k.a. area-stealing) is not against any rule on TFE. Part
of learning to play here and advancing in the TFE world consists of learning
how to get along and deal with other players, who are sometimes difficult,
petty, or cruel. None of these things is against any rule we have.

Q: Is piety implemented? How about fame? Reputations?
A: Quit bugging me and read "help MUD Status".

Q: Using a social, I can ruffle a lizardman's hair--but lizardmen don't have
hair! Ha!
A: Socials exist only for roleplaying. It's up to you to use them as you
like... you could just as easily use an emote to "ruffle" the lizardman's
hair, or "twiddle" a human's non-existent tail. If you feel the social
doesn't do what you want, don't use it.