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Essyn, the Wind Maiden, is the goddess of air, springtime and the plains of
the realm. While few recorded instances exist of Essyn appearing in corporeal
form, a few texts state that she does occasionally appear as a human woman
with two highly distinguishing features. Most noticably, her silken hair is
floor-length and is of a decidedly unnatural deep cerulean hue. Her eyes, too,
are most unusual. Showing neither iris nor sclera, they appear instead to be
an endless field of stars spangled across a midnight sky, remote and
unreadable. Her appearance is otherwise unremarkable, being neither of great
beauty nor repugnant, though there is an ethereal quality to her, almost, but
not quite, insubstantial. Far more commonly, however, Essyn shows her favor
in gusts of wind, often accompanied by a gentle rain of blue-white feathers.

Essyn is often thought to be as remote and intangible as the wind itself. She
chooses to remain neutral in the struggles of the gods, and indeed, has very
limited contact with deities other than the other Rulers of the Elements.
Essyn's followers include more than just the mere mortal races. Indeed,
sylphs and griffons worship her as their creator, as do many varieties of air

The Wind Maiden's symbol has two basic forms. One is a swirl of wind in
cerulean blue on a white background, the spiralling shape representing the
everlasting continuity of the air. The other, older symbol is a blue-white
plume depicted on a backdrop as blue as the springtime sky.

Essyn accepts followers from any race and alignment, requiring only that her
devotees revere the Air we breathe and the power of the Winds.

Allowed worshipper alignment: Any.