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Average Statistics for Elves

Height: males about 4'8"-5'8"
females about 4'6"-5'6"

Hair: typically straight. Light colors (white/blond) to a darkish brown.
Very rarely black. Elves have no facial hair.

Eyes: Almond-shaped / up-slanted eyes in colors of primarily
brown or blue, though other colors such as amber, lavender
or other light colors are not wholely uncommon.

Affiliation: Elves are a light race.

Appearance: Elves look much like humans though they generally have a
smaller, slenderer build than humans. Elves tend to have smooth,
unblemished skin ranging in all normal human skin tones and what humans
would refer to as an ethereal beauty. Their skin tone is almost always
touched by the healthy glow of sunlight or the silver sheen akin of
moonlight. Their appearance often gives them an air of regal grace and
their stoic appearance gives them a haughty, uncaring appearance.
Elves age extremely slowly. You probably won't see wrinkles before they
reach at least a good 500-600 years old, and even then it would be very
faint and hard to notice them for a few hundred more years. Elven hair
typically does not turn gray or white from age until they reach about a
thousand years of age, if at all.
Elves have ears that are upswept and pointed.

Optional Advice on Role Playing an Elf

Elves refer to themselves not as elves, but as llewyrr; elf being a term
humans devised. All elves on ForestsEdge originated from the Vaasa,
whether that means they were born there, their parent were, or at the
most their grandparents were. The elves of the Vaasa share a very strong
sense of cohesiveness, primarily due to their status as an elder race in
tune with all the forces of nature. For this reason the elves of the
Vaasa consider any elf kindred, even if that elf was born outside the
Vaasa and knows nothing of it.
Elves tend to hold themselves aloof from all races save other elves and
occasionally ents. Long years of dealing with dark races followed by
long years of miscommunication between humans and elves (resulting in
several wars, the most recent of which nearly destroyed Medienne and only
ended a scant few decades ago) has caused the elves as a race to become
withdrawn from other races.
Elves tend to prefer nature colors of green and brown that helps them
blend in to the surrounding forest. Many elves born outside the Vaasa
prefer to wear other colors chosen to display their ethereal beauty to
its best advantage, another trait Vaasa born elves tend to eschew as much
as calling themselves elves.

Racial Relations:
After centuries of dealing with the hostile invasions of outsides elves
are quite withdrawn. They view only elves and ents as trusted insiders.

Elves consider halflings a joy of the world and view them as one might a
cute child, though they offer them the respect due their age.

After losing the whole of the Medienne wood, once a part of the Vaasa, to
the humans and years of warfare humans and elves have only recently begun
to trust one another again. Elves consider humans a goodly race, though
once betrayed are quite willing to hunt down humans on an individual

Elves treat lizardfolk, dwarves and gnomes with caution having little
understanding of what drives them nor reason to distrust them. As they
serve the light they make good allies in a pinch and, at the least, they
are less mercurial than humans.

Elves hate all races that serve the dark (goblins, orcs, ogres, and
trolls) but they especially loathe their close kin the Vyans. Vyans are
quite obviously related to elves though a distant schism between the two
races has caused an enmity that has become the typical embodiment of
light versus dark.