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Duroth, Dwarflord and Forgemaster, is god of the dwarven race and all
metalcraft. The Dwarflord always appears as a male dwarf, with long black
beard and hair. He is oft armored, in gleaming mithril, in a full suit of
plate heavily worked with dwarven artistry. He either carries a forge hammer
or a great axe, depending on whether he comes for craft or war.

Duroth is the pinnacle of achievement in the artisan's craft for metalwork.
There is no ore he cannot refine, no metal he cannot shape, nor no item he
cannot repair. Father of the Dwarves, he takes special interest in his chosen
race, nearly forsaking all others. He can be swayed by some members of light
races who devote themselves to metalcraft. He is strong, quick to anger, yet
always possessed of a good heart and fine character. He is a firm ally of
Lonil and the gods of Light, and considers himself foe to those who follow

Duroth's symbol is a crossed hammer and axe, always done in metal.

He accepts dwarves, and some humans and gnomes and the occasional halfling
devoted to metal craft.

Allowed worshipper alignment: any non-evil (LG, NG, CG, LN, PN, CN)