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This command uses the standard editor - see help editor for a list
and description of how to write a description for yourself. NOTE:
Description does not use many of the commands that are unique to
note and mail, such as send, post, and delete.


Description allows you to write a message of who your character is. It is
displayed either when someone looks at you, or uses the
qlook command. Your
description should include what your character looks like as well as any other
information you feel someone could gather from your appearance. It does not
include emotions or anything which another player could not realistically
gather from merely looking at you. Please note that a description is
generally at least one paragraph of at least five sentences in length.
Writing your description,
appearance and keywords is mandatory for advancing
beyond the fifth level of experience. Once you have written a description,
see the helpfile for
approval for further information.


* Should be at least five complete sentences.
* The same rules as to what doesn't go for
appearance applies here as
well. (no auras, abnormal things like two-heads, etc)
* Do not include your name or class in your description.
* Do not force the judgement of the viewer; i.e., "You become afraid,"
"you get hungry just looking at...," you want to beat his head in."
* Do not include actions; i.e., "As you watch, his hair turns pink," "He
grabs a tree and uproots it."
* Do not include clothing or other removeable objects. Tattoos, items
braided into hair/beard, and scars are fine, though.
* Do not capitalize race in your description or appearance.
Do include things such as eyecolor, hair color, height,
race (flaunt those elf ears and troll warts), and other physical
generally at least one paragraph of at least five well written sentences in length.