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Deep within the multi-colored canopy, hidden amongst the fauna of the forest
lives the goddess known to all who follow the ways of the woodlands: Cynnis,
guardian of the wildlands. She is known to her followers as the Huntress, or
simply Mother Nature. She loves and looks after all the plants and animals of
the world, but Cynnis always has a special place in her heart for the verdant
green forests. For this reason, she has attracted a large number of ent and
elven followers; indeed, many woodsmen and hunters are devoted to her because
of her intrests in the woodlands and the animals that make them their home.

Not a forest in the land has escaped the gentle hand of Cynnis and her
followers. Cynnis believes natural beauty to be the highest form of
perfection, and considers any unnecessary alterations of this tangible
perfection a perversion. She does, however, grudgingly allow the peoples
of the earth to take what they need of Nature's abundant resources,
though those who seek to wantonly destroy her lands often live to regret
it. Cynnis recognizes the needs of both predators and prey, as death is
merely a part of life's natural cycle. The willful destruction of her
creatures, be they the flora or fauna, however, is not tolerated. In
respect for the land, followers of Cynnis do not wear steel.

Those who claim to have seen the Huntress in her domain claim that she appears
as a large, snow-white wolf, a very tall and graceful ent, or as a beautiful
elven archer, her hair a mane of honey-gold locks, carrying a longbow of
silvery white birch that seems almost alive. Even without actually seeing
her, though, there is not a woodsman who has not felt her serene prescence
while amidst the wooded groves. Her symbol is that of the wolf whose form she
sometimes shares: large, with a shimmering coat of purest white and brillant
green eyes representing the natural world she holds so dear.

Cynnis does not accept mages among her worshipper. Far too often, their
spells of power cause great destruction to the wildlands, and for this reason,
she does not welcome them to her service.

Allowed worshipper alignments: Any non-evil (LG, LN, NG, PN, CG, CN)