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custom : lists items shopkeeper can make
custom : hands shopkeeper ingredients and requests item


Some shopkeepers are able to manufacture rare, special items that often have
magical properties. To see if this is possible in any given
shop type
"custom". If you see an item there you want, you will need to find the
required ingredients. Then have them in your inventory and type "custom
" at the shop, and the item will be created for you.

*** WARNING ***
Make sure you type the name of the item to be customed exactly as it appears
in the shopkeeper's list! If you do so, you are guaranteed to get the right
item. If you don't, and more than one item matches what you typed, you may
not get what you wanted.

As an example, one shop currently customs both "steel plate armor bracer" and
"steel armor arm plates". When a player typed "custom steel arm plate", he
got the bracer, which isn't what he wanted, since it was first in the list and
both items matched what he typed. The order of the keywords doesn't matter!
However, completely-matched words count twice as much as incompletely-matched
ones, so if he had typed "custom steel arm plates" or (recommended) "custom
steel armor arm plates", he would have gotten what he wanted.

You may notice that the weight of the custom item doesn't equal the combined
weights of the ingredients and components from which it can be made. Quite
often while manufacturing a custom item, a shopkeeper will add quantities of
common materials, or discard useless bits and pieces of the components. It's
all included in the custom price.

If you see "***" in the "level" column, the item is either beyond your
experience level, or cannot ever be used by one of your race, size, class, or
some other characteristic. You can still custom the item, but you might never
be able to use it.