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Color Codes for DESCRIPTIONs/attacks and what not

All colors are self explanatory:

@R - bright red
@r - dark red
@B - blue
@b - dark blue
@W - bright white
@w - white
@C - bright cyan
@c - dark cyan
@G - bright green
@g - dark green
@M - pink/magenta
@m - purple/magenta
@Y - yellow
@y - dark yellow
@K - black, doesn't work in some terminal emulators

Lowercase codes are color1 in your color preferences. Uppercase codes
are color2 in your color preferences.

Emphasis and underline:

@e -
mild emphasis
@E -
strong emphasis
@u -
underline, doesn't work in some terminal emulators
@v -

Use @n to return the text to normal.
@I will indent the text as done on this line.