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color : display settings and options
color : sets terminal type
color : sets color of different items
color lines <# lines> : sets size of window
color columns <# columns> : sets terminal width


So to set your terminal to ansi type 'color ansi' then to make room names
appear in bold type 'color room_name bold'. To have a status bar type 'option
status'. Note though for any of the colors to work you need to have your
term_type set to something other than dumb. The possible formats for the
various groups are listed by typing just 'color'. The colors such as
red/green/yellow only work in ansi mode as vt100 does not support these colors.

Color Options:

default : the color of your default text. : the color the room name is displayed in.
tell : the color you will receive tells in.
say : the color you will see what people say in.
gossip : the color you will receive gossips in.
weather : sunrise, clouds, the moon, etc.
wizard : avatar channel and all immortal channels.
Also, used when a "wizard"-type action happens, like approval, docking, etc.
skill : seen when a skill succeeds, or improves.
chant: chant channel color.
newbie : newbie channel, seen by avs/imms and players up to level 10.
titles : are titles... on score, who, etc.
ctell : clan tell color.
chat : color you will see chat in.
gtell : color you will see group tells in.
auction : color you will see auction information in.
info : color info (logins/deaths/etc, see help info) is in.
emote : color when someone uses the
emote command.
social : color when someone uses any
social command.
input : color of your typed commands (experimental).
to.self : color you see when mob does damage to you. : color you see when group member takes dmg.
by.self : color you see when doing dmg to a mob. : color you see dmg done to mob by group members.
mild.emphasis : for the @e setting in help color_codes
strong.emphasis : for the @E setting in color_codes
black : what color you will view black text as.
red : what color you will view red text as.
green : what color you will view green text as.
yellow : what color you will view yellow text as.
blue : what color you will view blue text as.
magenta : what color you will see magenta text as.
cyan : what color you will see cyan text as.
white : what color you will view white text as.

Color Formats:

The argument consists of one or more of the following:

{ bold, reverse, blinking, underlined, black.text, red.text, green.text,
yellow.text, blue.text, magenta.text, cyan.text, white.text,,,,,,,, }

Several of the more common settings can be reviewed by viewing help color_code.