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Clerics are devotees to a god or religion, and their piety brings them
much reward. Channeling the power of a deity through themselves, clerics
have the ability to perform miracles of the curative and protective type.
Other powerful spells learned by these magic users do include harmful
ones, as they can bring down a god's holy wrath upon a foe with
slay spells.
With these spells alone, a cleric is a useful addition to a group,
but with the added spells of the creation type and the special
protect life spell, Clerics become a unique and powerful class
required by all in any successful endeavor.
Clerics may not use weapons which shed blood due to religious vows, but
nonetheless manage to have a wide selection of weapons and armor
available to them.

For a listing of the spells and abilities available to Clerics, please
see the help file on
Abilities. Other help files that may be useful
spell, magic, and leech.