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Plan A:
These clans are Alignment-Based; there are good and evil aligned clans. The
good clans seek to sort out the problems of the world, and the evil want to
reap as much profit as they can. These clans can accept any race that walk
the alignment path required.

Plan B:
Cause based clans, these take more argument to pass. They can choose between
good/neutral or neutral/evil, but good and evil can never mingle in the same

Good and Evil alignments among neutral races may not mix in the same clan.
Light and Dark races may never mix in the same clan.

- a petition (story) must be submitted that expresses valid reasons a clan
might exist and outlining what rules will be in place to keep a harmonious
accord within your clan under such a circumstance. Your clan must be
good/neutral, evil/neutral or all neutral under this condition.
- further conditions may apply. A clan applying for for this exception will
not necessarily be granted a charter.
- Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis only and
the decision of the Imms is final.