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clans : lists all publicly known clans
clans -f : Starts a new clan
clans : lists charter/members of a listed clan
clans -o : toggles clan options assuming permission
clans -n : sets the full name of clan
clans -l : sets the minimum level required to join
clans -c : edits the clan charter
clans -a : changes the clan acronym
clans expel : expels a member from the clan


Clans are organizations developed to accomplish some purpose. Because of
their added organizational structure they are accorded certain additional
privileges such as the right to build a
stronghold. Clans can serve great
purposes or small ones depending on what their intent is however whatever
purpose they serve the banding together of a clan requires that certain
restrictions be met.

Requirements To Create A Clan
* The Clan Leader (starting up the Clan) must be at least level 20.
* You must recruit at least 4 people to join and have them swear allegiance.
(all 4 must be level 10 or greater)
* The Clan must have an established charter (see below).
* There is a starting fee of 20 platinum.

A clan also has an Acronym when created to identify it. This acronym
should be a short form of the Clan's full name for easy identification.

A Clan's Charter Will Include:
* The Clan's Full Name - Clan's Acronym should be derived from this.
* The Clan's history/background - what brought about a need for it.
* What are its goals? - What is its purpose, what will it do?
* How will the clan achieve those goals in-game?
* Clan hierarchy - Officer positions and requirements
* Clan Rules - What are the laws/rules internal to the Clan
What are the rights/benefits of being a member?
* Joining Requirements - Including race/class/level restrictions.

Get to know the editor, the Clan charter will need to be easily readable and
presentable before it will be approved.

* Clans may have good members or evil members, but not both.
Good/Neutral or Evil/Neutral are allowed.
(In the case of a clan that takes its members from a single race
or single class alignment
may be overlooked)
* Certain races may not be in a clan together.
- elves/vyans typically may not be in the same clan.
- dwarves/goblins typically may not be in the same clan.
(In the case of a clan that takes its members from a single
alignment or single class racial barriers
may be overlooked)
* The minimum level for clan members is level 10.
* The minimum level for clan leaders is level 20.

Other Options Available

Using the clans -o function the following flags can be set for the clan:

Exist.Known - All players will be able to read your clan charter.
Turning this off makes your clan anonymous.
Members.Known - All clan members will have the clan name displayed on
Turning this off makes your clan membership anonymous.
Public.Edit - All can members can edit notes on the clan noteboard.
Turning this off means only clan leaders can edit clan notes.

The Clan Building Checklist
* Prospective clan leader uses clan -f to create the clan.
* Prospective clan leader uses clan -c to create the charter
* Prospective clan leader uses clan -o to toggle settings.
* Make sure everything from "A CLan's Charter Will Include" is included.
* Make sure the charter is neat (clans -c spell helps spelling)
* 5 or more players use the allegiance command to join.
* Prospective clan leader contacts the imm in charge of Clan's for approval.

Post-Approval Checklist
* Clan leader needs to use the cedit command to set clan positions.
(If they take too long the clan will be unapproved)

Please note: New clans will recieve a 2 week grace period from the date of
their final clan approval in which the clan leaders may request to have
changes made to such things as the charter, or clan/member incog status.
After this grace period, a charge of
25 plat will be collected before changes
will be made.

Additional questions and concerns regarding clans should be addressed to
Tinkayn or Meara via request or mudmail.
If you get no answer in a day or two, then you can try

See also:
allegiance, cedit, and strongholds.